• Peatland restoration, peat depths and peatland/wetland surveys
  • Soil surveys
  • Environmental statements
  • Long Term Forest Plans and Woodland Management Plans
  • Assessment and monitoring of deer and livestock impacts on vegetation
  • Vegetation and peatland habitat surveys (NVC, Phase II)
  • Carbon offsets from forestry and peatland restoration

Case studies and recent contracts:

Peatland restoration feasibility study – Loch Arkaig Pine Forest for SNH and Woodland Trust Scotland (2018)

Peatland restoration feasibility study – Kinlochteacuis Estate (2018)

Peatland habitat survey and advice leading to SNH-funded peatland restoration project at Loch Lomond Golf Course in 2014, with the support of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Countryside Trust.

Peatland habitat surveys of afforested deep peat for Corrour Estate in Lochaber, leading to succesful SNH Peatland Action funding for conifer removal and peatland restoration on a 60ha site during 2014/15.

Preparation of SSSI management plan on behalf of FCS for Lon Leanachan SSSI in Lochaber, including habitat maps and survey work leading to conifer removal and peatland restoration (2013/14).

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