Upland Ecology is a trading name of Upland Forestry Ltd, providing an extensive range of services to the forestry and land management sectors.

  • Assessment and monitoring of deer and livestock impacts on vegetation (inc Woodland Grazing Toolkit)
  • Habitat and vegetation mapping (UKBAP, EUNIS, Annex 1)
  • Birds, Butterflies, Mammals and protected species surveys
  • Peat depth and peatland/wetland surveys
  • Environmental statements
  • Site Condition Monitoring
  • Vegetation surveys (NVC, Phase II)
  • Advice on wildfire and prescribed burning and muirburn in relation to conservation and land management objectives
  • Invasive non-native species survey and advice

Recent contracts include:

South Loch Assynt NVC and Habitat Survey – CALL Project (2020)

Loch Oscaig – Peat depth and habitat survey – CALL Project (2019)

Woodland Grazing Toolbox surveys – Loch Arkaig Pine Forest (2017-2020)

Acheninver NVC/habitat survey – Coigach Assynt Living Landscape

NVC/EUNIS survey and woodland site condition monitoring – Morvern Woods SSSI/SAC (SNH 2014-15)

Swamp/wetland site condition monitoring -various SAC’s and SSSI’s – North of Scotland (SNH, 2015)

Rhododendron survey and advice on control/management -various – Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park (2014-2017)

Butterfly monitoring – Loch Arkaig and Clunes – Butterfly Conservation.

For further information or support on this don’t hesitate to contact Gary.
Mobile: 07834 515383 Email: gary@uplandecology.co.uk